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Investigation of symptoms of possible gastrointestinal / liver disease
• Abdominal pain and swelling
• Heartburn
• Difficulty or pain when swallowing
• Nausea , vomiting with or without traces of blood
• Changes in bowel habits – diarrhoea, constipation, blood in stools
• Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of eyes), dark coloured urine

Investigation for
• Abnormal liver blood tests

• Abnormal elevations of cancer markers ( eg CEA, CA19-9 )
• Stool blood test positivity
• Abnormal ultrasound or CT scans of the liver and abdomen
• Abnormal barium studies
• Anaemia ( low hemoglobin )

Evaluation and treatment of specific diseases

Hepatitis B and C
Cirrhosis , liver failure and work up for liver transplantation
Fatty liver
Inflammatory bowel disease ( ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease, “colitis” )
Gastric and duodenal ulcers, helicobacter pylori infection and gastro-esophageal reflux
Polyps of the gastrointestinal tract and colon
Gallstones and related complications
Pancreatitis and related complications
Cancers of the esophagus, stomach, colon, liver, pancreas

Family screening when there is a family history of intestinal cancers or liver disease

Endoscopic services

• Gastroscopy and colonoscopy
• Push and double balloon enteroscopy
• Capsule enteroscopy
• Removal of polyps in the stomach and colon
• Treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding ( ulcers, varices, tumours )
• Dilatation and stenting of strictures of the esophagus
• Placement of feeding gastrostomy and gastrojejunostomy ( PEG / PEGJ )
• Ligation of hemorrhoids

Vaccination for hepatitis A and B

Home Total Parenteral Nutrition

Consultation directed Health Screening